Chaos is called "The ruthless card game of ever-changing rules." The object of this game is the get rid of all your cards first. The rules change on a regular basis with rule cards (similar to Fluxx), but often not all the players know what the rules are and have to figure them out based on what they observe other players doing.

The card game of chaos. Best for older children and adults. It is a ton of fun, but takes some brain power to play as it is a ruthless card game of ever changing rules. The object of the game is simple, get rid of all your cards before the rules change. But be careful they change ALL the time. The rules in this game change often and most of them are a SECRET until you unveil what they are but not before they change again! This game will keep you on your toes! Put your memory to the test with this fast paced, constantly changing game. Enjoy the chaos with friends and family

Difficulty: Medium
Year: 2010
Players: 2-6 players
Playing time: ? minutes
Age: 8+


  • 56 Game Cards

  • 56 Rule Cards

  • Instructions