Play with a gang of Outlaws in this high stakes poker game. Use your wits and strategy to win poker hands and eliminate other players’ gangs. Outsmart, bluff, and duel other outlaws to stay in the game. The last remaining gang wins.

25 OUTLAWS – OLD WEST POKER WITH OUTLAW RULES a new card game from CHICKAPIG game creator Brian Calhoun and Dave Matthews.

While based on the classic game of poker, 25 OUTLAWS offers a fun, Wild West twist. It’s a rough-and-tumble game set in the Old West, with outlaws (players) using every means available to eliminate rival outlaw gangs.

With duels, bank robberies and more, 25 OUTLAWS is bringing new meaning to the term “high stakes.” While on tour, Dave Matthews drew all of the art for the game – from the chips and cards to the outlaw illustrations on the box cover.

Year: 2019
Players: 2-5 players
Playing time: 0-5 minutes
Age: 17+


  • 25 Outlaw cards

  • 20 Old West Poker cards

  • 75 $10 poker chips

  • 15 $50 poker chips

  • 25 Reward cards

  • 10 Sheriff cards

  • 5 Players reference cards

  • 5 Poker Hand Markers

  • 2 Dice for duels

  • 1 Bank card

  • Game Instructions.